Surfing in Mompiche

Wax under your Feet

Are you travelling the roads of Ecuador? Seeking the thrill of climbing Chimborazo, fighting the altitude in the historic center of Quito or getting in touch with nature exploring the Amazon rainforest and Rio Napo? Despite all the excitement, you’re starting to miss the incomparable scent of the ocean, the infinite breeze, this feeling of wax underneath your feet. Seems like it’s time to cut to the Ecuadorian coast!

A truly unique place. Where else do you stumble from the rainforest straight into the ocean only to find a beautiful left-hander…

A perfect left turns days into magic

First tourists that made their way to Mompiche were surfers. At the northern part of the Ecuadorian coast far from the touristic hub – and any decent roads for that matter – they found a world class left-hand point-break. A pity that the wave almost only works with a solid north swell, usually hitting „La Punta” during the summer months. Meaning: The best season to catch some waves in Mompiche is from December to March.

Nevertheless, the „dry“ months are worthwhile: Each and every year there are a few days, when the surf is just perfect – magical. The wave’s sections seem to connect effortlessly allowing the surfer to enjoy a smooth 700 meters ride all the way to the beach.

With Challenging EAse

As we all know, there are waves suited best for beginners and waves for the more skilful surfers among us. However, there are a few waves for all levels. One of the best things about the wave in Mompiche is, that it’s one of those waves for all: „Surfable“ for beginners and challenging for pros.

Three sections allow everybody to enjoy the wave without getting in each other’s way:

A drop in a tube or a steep wall above scratchy rocks. You need to accelerate. Once you’ve passed the 1st section you’ll end up in …

Can also be „tubish“ from time to time, but by far less „brutal“ compared to the 1st. You are still surfing above rocks, so it’s better, if you know what you’re doing, just try not to fall.

A smooth, small beginners wave located completely above sandy ground. Some people are saying, that it’s the best wave for beginners in whole Ecuador. Well, I’d say they’re right.

More surf around Mompiche

There are a few beachbreaks in and around Mompiche:
„LA BOCANA“ in town.
Challenging: „PLAYA NEGRA“ a 20 minute walk from Mompiche. Thanks to its radical closeout, you wouldn’t be the first breaking your surfboard.
„PORTETE“ an island a 45 minute walk away (there also is transport). Located next to a mangrove-river. Mind the currents!

SSurfing in Ecuador - Mompiche - Maracumbo Campingurfboards for rent

Maracumbo Camping and Cabañas offers some surfboards for rent:

  • Price/day: USD 15.-
  • Price/half a day: USD 7.50.-
  • If you are staying for more than a couple of days or even weeks, we can negotiate  surfboard rent  😉

Surf classes

You are new to surfing or want to refresh some basics? Surf classes are available in German and  English. If you speak Spanish, there are plenty of really good surfers in Mompiche, who’d happily teach you. Just let me know and I’ll introduce you.