Organic living

Flowers, fruits and Maracumbo(s)…

Climate and soil in Mompiche are perfect for some fun gardening. Flowers, fruits, vegetables – some are saying that if you drop a seed, you’re going to harvest within a few weeks – let’s be frank, it’s probably years or at least months 😉

Maracumbo - Camping in Mompiche

Home-grown Maracumbo fruits

I’m the proud owner of the Maracumbo camping site for as little as a couple of years, so my fruit trees are still growing. At the moment, I’m already able to harvest a few fruits, but feeling confident, that it will become lots more in the next few years. So that maybe one day I will be able to live on „my“ fruits and vegetables. Also the variety of plants on my ground grows little by little. By now there are about 25 different kind (also some Maracumbo trees), maybe there will be lots more when you’re visiting… Please keep in mind, that I’d like you to respect my property, I’m happy to share though.

Less chemicals equal better products

What is more natural as making your own food? That’s why I try to make as much homemade food as possible. Right now it’s mainly small things like marmalades, chutneys and chilly sauces – but they make a difference!

I strongly believe, that less chemicals in our daily diet lead to a healthier and therefore happier life.

I usually do not use any chemicals at all. Oh, and did I mention, that my homemade dark bread is one of the best in Ecuador? :)