A little fishing village

with tranquil charm

Getting to Mompiche can be a bit of a hassle and quite adventures, but once you get here you will realise that it’s an adventure worth taking. Our fishing village has not yet lost its tranquil charm and authentic atmosphere.

Mompiche is not one of the heavily frequented destinations on the Ecuadorian coast and even though more tourists are visiting, it’s still a bit of an insiders‘ tip, a little secret passed on by fellow travellers.

Things To do

The sandy main beach is more than seven kilometres long – inviting you to take endless walks or, if you’re longing for some exercise, a fun run. Speaking of beach: The Pacific ocean doesn’t just treat you with the most amazing sunset scenery, but more things to do like swimming, whale-watching and – needless to say – surfing. During night time the Pacific waters tend to have a beautiful glow caused by florescent plankton:

go ahead, dive in, swim in stars.

Visit the nearby Isla Portete, where you find kilometres of palm-lined coastline. You want to feel the softest and see the sparkliest sand in the area? Just a quick walk separates Mompiche from a spectacular black-sand beach. Horseback rides are also available. A guided jungle tour to the bordering Ecological Reserve, where you likely spot some monkeys, iguanas or parrots, can be a welcome chance to all the beach life.

Food to taste

Besides the homemade Maracumbo chutneys, chilly sauces and bread, there is plenty tasty food and snacks around. A variety of restaurants offer different kinds of seafood (ceviche!), Italian food (pizza!) and local dishes. And don’t forget the yummy South American street food (greasy empanadas!). Coffee shops offering delicious pastries and „La Chocolata“ is many travellers favourite place to hang out enjoying a (vegan) cake and some chess. At the local tiendas and weekly visiting food trucks you get fresh fruits and vegetables as well as basic foods like rice, lenses and quinoa.