How to find us

The windy roads to Mompiche

Mompiche is a bit off the beaten track, but the somewhat adventures travel to get here pays. I promise. So, only one road leads to Mompiche. If you take the bus it’s its final destination. Some busses drop you off at the main road, so best to make sure the bus is heading to Mompiche town. If you get dropped off earlier – no worries, there are cabs, other busses and friendly locals taking you – provided you ask nicely 😉

If you are on the bus, it’s more convenient to ask the driver to drop you of right before you enter Mompiche since Maracumbo Camping is located right before the little village.

Main road entering Mompiche, walk away from the town, left-hand side. Easy to find.

Usually it’s fine if you just drop by, but if you’re having any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via

Phone/ Message / Whats App:  +593987408887
Facebook: Maracumbo Camping

Coming to Mompiche

By bus: Plan ahead. There is very little public transportation into Mompiche after 6 pm.

QUITO TO MOMPICHE (two bus rides)

Bus #1) Quito to Esmeraldas is approximately 6-7 hours with a cost of around $10.
Bus #2) Esmeraldas to Mompiche is approximately 2 1/2-3 hours and has a cost of around $4.

There are two bus terminals in Quito. Make sure you get to the right one.

MONTAÑITA TO MOMPICHE (a couple of bus rides)

Montañita – Pto.Lopez (1 hr, 15 min)
Pto.Lopez – Pto. Viejo (2 hrs)
Pto. Viejo – Pedernales (5 hrs)
Pedernales – Chamanga (1 hr)
Chamanga – “entrada” to Mompiche (30 min)
“entrada” to Mompiche – Mompiche (taxi $1/person, 10 min.)


Canoa – Pedernales (2 hrs)
Pedernales – Chamanga (1 hr)
Chamanga – “entrada” to Mompiche (30 min)
“entrada” to Mompiche – Mompiche (taxi $1/person, 10 min)

There is NO ATM for withdrawal of money using international bank cards. So it´s important to bring with you enough cash to cover your stay (in small bills – bills larger than $20 are NOT accepted in Mompiche. The closest ATMs are located approximately two hours away in the towns of Atacames to the north and Pedernales to the south.


Thanks to all the people of Mompiche for the warm welcome, to my many surf teachers for the patience in the waters and finally to my best friends in Mompiche for making me feel homey.

Website and text: Annelie