MARACUMBO Camping y Cabañas in Mompiche

the wholA traveler’s tale

Watching the sun taking turns with the moon, swimming in the stars of the nightly fluorescent ocean, falling asleep listening to the sound of the wind just to be woken way too early by the tweets of a lonely bird. Being that close to nature is what makes the place unique.

However, I think it’s safe to say: Camping is not for everyone. But those who can find joy in the simple life outdoors, get rewarded with a haven far from the daily pressure of self-optimisation and strains of everyday life. For many of my guests and myself as well camping is about being able to live in the moment, being able to just be.

At MARACUMBO Camping y Cabañas I want you to experience what camping is about: You will find a place perfect to relax, where you can mingle with interesting characters and enjoy life far from concrete canyons and daily busyness. The Maracumbo  is embedded in nature: Surrounded by Mompiche’s fauna and flora life feels better. Yes, it’s that simple. I want you to always remember your stay in Mompiche having the biggest smile on your face – even years after your travels.

MARACUMBO Camping y Cabañas

The MARACUMBO Camping y Cabañas facilities  in Mompiche are located on a more than 1500 square meters landsite and have everything you might need during your stay:

  • A well-equipped communal kitchen is available for our guests for preparing and storing food from 7.30 am until 10 pm.
  • Separate men and women bathrooms (toilets and showers).
  • Dorm (five beds)
  • Cabin for two
  • Platforms underneath a wooden rooftop, where you can set up your tent elevated from the ground. Since tropical rain can be massive, I can’t guarantee that you’ll stay dry. The whole area offers space for 7 tents with a capacity to 12- 14 people, a 5 bed dormitory and a 2 person cabin.
  • A slackline.
  • Every platform has outlets to charge electronic devices.
  • Three languages are spoken (Spanish, English and German).
  • Nature, nature, nature – and a couple of geese.
  • Surfer yet? Surfboards and surf classes.
  • Tips for your stay in Mompiche and your further travels.
  • And last but not least: Bonfire and barbecue area.

Some pictures

PRICES At a Glance

  • Camping at Maracumbo when you bring your own tent  4 US$ / person per night
  • Camping if you want to rent at tent 4 US$ / person + 4 US$ tent (for example, 8 US$ for 1 person for one night or 12 US$ for 2 people per night)
  • Dormitory 7 US$ / person per night
  • Cabin 18 US$ for two or 15 US$ for one person
  • Surfboard rent: 15 US$ for a day, 7.5 US$ for half a day. Weekly rent possible.


There is NO ATM for withdrawal of money using international bank cards. So it´s important to bring with you enough cash to cover your stay (in small bills – bills larger than $20 are NOT accepted in Mompiche). The closest ATMs are located approximately two hours away in the towns of Atacames to the north and Pedernales to the south.

Bring mosquito repellent! No worries. If you don’t have any, you can get it here.

No laundry service at the camping site. There are a few places offering laundry service in Mompiche, that I’m happy to show you.