Meet Cristian

A Swiss guy in Mompiche…

Hello, hola and hallo, my name is Cristian Scialpi, 40 years old, born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. When I decided to leave my home back in 2011, I didn’t know that I’d soon happen to find a new one in Mompiche. If I had known, saying goodbye probably wouldn’t have been that hard. Turned out, the seemingly shallow phrase „leaving is never easy“ had more substance to it than I had imagined – leaving was indeed not easy. I left behind not only my family and friends, but also a job I liked and things I loved (my motorcycle!).

Why I did it? I think, because I’ve always loved the travels, the adventures of the unknown, the interaction with worldly, interesting people. Living full life.

After my first trip to the Southern Americas I knew that one day, I wanted to live there. Well, thanks to some unforeseen circumstances – a strange twist of fate? – I had the chance to make the move a little earlier than expected. Beautiful Mompiche became my second home.

Even though I’m a sporty, outdoorsy guy, it took me two more years until I made my first (clumsy) attempts to surf the famous Mompiche wave. The longer the hesitation, the stronger the addiction? At least in the case of me and surfing. Now I keep checking the waves each and every day before the sun has even said good morning. When I now think about how everything has turned out, the fact, that I would end up running a camping site and hostel for surfers and people enjoying the naturesque life was kind of a given.

Since our wave is beautiful, but unsteady, I like going for a run or a ride on my bike on days without swell – always one eye on the ocean, ready to get my board.

About Maracumbo

Maracumbo (lat. Theobroma Bicolor) is a local expression for a cacao-like fruit tree. The Incas called it the „jaguar tree”. Another name is „Bacao“ (cacao-blanco). The fruit is similar to the cacao we’re all familiar with. Once processed (fermented, dried, roasted..) the bitterness is almost gone. So far I know, the Maracumbo fruit is not a commercial product. Home of the trees is the tropical jungle of Central and South America. In their lifelong battle for sunlight the trees grow as high as 30 meters. There are some (still small and growing) trees at my camping ground – the name giver of Maracumbo Camping and Cabañas Mompiche.